Sending text messages (SMS) via Actionvoip

Actionvoip offers various ways to send ultra cheap text messages! You can use the Actionvoip software or use the SMS option in your personal pages.

You can send text messages through our client, the website or using a HTML link. It's also possible to schedule your text messages or send an SMS to multiple recipients.

We always offer the lowest possible rates for our text messages!

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Check our LOW SMS rates!

Destination EUR/min
hungary 0.5 ct
lithuania 0.5 ct
austria (mobile)1.0 ct
czech republic (mobile)4.0 ct
estonia (mobile)8.0 ct
finland (mobile)3.0 ct
lithuania (mobile)2.0 ct
malta (mobile)5.0 ct
norway (mobile)4.0 ct
slovak republic (mobile)5.0 ct
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