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I have registered but haven't received a confirmation email^ top

Should you not receive our subscription email due to spam filters for example your registration may still have been successful. Please try an hour after registration to make calls using Actionvoip.

I have just bought some credit but my account balance is not updated ?^ top

Account balances are updated centrally, so you may need to wait a couple of minutes in order to get the most accurate update.

If you have just placed a new order please ensure you check your payment status by signing in to your account and checking your purchases. Only orders that are listed as "Completed" will appear in your balance.

One suggestion is that you place a call even if the purchased credit isn't showing yet. Often the balance shown can take longer to update but calls can already be made. If your call goes through successfully the balance will be updated immediately.

Destination EUR/min
hungary 0.5 ct
lithuania 0.5 ct
austria (mobile)1.0 ct
czech republic (mobile)4.0 ct
estonia (mobile)8.0 ct
finland (mobile)3.0 ct
lithuania (mobile)2.0 ct
malta (mobile)5.0 ct
norway (mobile)4.0 ct
slovak republic (mobile)5.0 ct
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